Advanced data recovery tools

Compared with traditional data recovery tools and data recovery software, advanced data recovery tools are able to restore the damaged storage medias from a much wider range of support list and a higher level of difficulty. Advanced data recovery tools usually have data recovery software part and hardware part to work together. They can be widely used to access the data area, micro codes of control and inner components of the storage medias both logically and physically.

The following are a list of advanced data recovery tools manufactured by SalvationDATA:

Hard drive advanced data recovery tools

01: Data Compass Premium-Data Extraction; Disk Image; Visual and selective data recovery; Portable; One time registration used on multiple PCs; Build-in write blocking; bad sectors’ data recovery; firmware corruption bypassing; Virtual head replacement;

02: HD Doctor Suite-Repair firmware corruptions; fix password protected drives; 6 drives repaired at one time; Portable; Restore undetected damaged drives;

03: HD HPE PRODisassemble hard drive, remove head stack, head replacement, platter swap, mutiple platters swap, head comb suite included, great data recovery hardware tool used in clean room;

High-speed hard drive duplicator

01: Data Copy King-6.8GB/min disk image and 7.7GB/min data wiping; Physical read only and write only; Smart bad sectors’ data acquisition; Color touch screen; Super easy; Offline sector by sector duplication; No PC, No internet required.

Flash drive advanced data recovery tools

01: SD flash doctor standard-Supporting Tsop48-chip flash drives;
02: SD flash doctor premium-Supporting BGA chip flash drives.
Professional flash data recovery equipment; Raw recovery; Chip-off recovery.


Who are using above advanced data recovery tools?

Data Recovery Companies;
IT services companies;
Computer forensic companies;
Law enforcement cyber crime units;
Enterprise/Education computer labs/data centers;
Government/Military data centers;
Other data-sensitive organizations and agencies.


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Hard drive data recovery tools review

Hard drive is one of the main storage Medias in the digital storage market. It is usually contained in laptop, desktop, server and other digital devices for data storage. After experiencing several hard drive manufacturer combination and purchases, the major hard drive brands left now are Seagate, Western Digital and Toshiba. Ofcourse we can still find many other hard drive brands as well in the market like Hitachi/IBM, Samsung, Fujitsu, Maxtor, etc. Hard drive data recovery tools are used to repair and recover the damaged hard drives when data stored inside is lost.

There are several key elements for hard drives which determine the development of hard drive data recovery tools:

hard drive PCB-Controlling the power of hard drive running;
hard drive firmware modules-program and codes telling the physical hard drive components what to do and how to do;
hard drive physical parts-r/w heads, platter and motor

Obviously they can be further divided into two groups: Hard drive software element & hard drive hardware element. Now you can understand very clearly when the hard drives suffer data loss, you need to use different hard drive data recovery tools to recover the data. That’s why we see in the data recovery market there’re hard drive data recovery software, data recovery hardware tools and software-hardware integrated tools.

Let’s take the following hard drive data recovery tools as example to see how they are used.

Data Compass-software and hardware integrated hard drive data recovery tool, its logical data recovery software supports recovery from working flash drives as well. It is used to image hard drives or recover data directly. It proves its talents when the hard drive has a lot of bad sectors or suffer some severe damage only if they are still detected;

HD Doctor Suite is also one hardware and software integrated hard drive data recovery tool. It is used to unlock the hard drives and repair the firmware modules;

HD HPE PRO is one hard drive data recovery hardware tool, it is used to open the hard drive in clean room and perform the head or platter swap or fix the spindle motor stuck issue.

Therefore a combination of Data Compass, HD Doctor Suite and HD HPE PRO is one ideal hard drive data recovery tools package which helps to repair and recover lost data from both software-level and hardware level damages.